The classy design of this ‘hair-on’ or “fur” leather handbag is a show stopper --- chic and memorable.

New sale price is 30% off. (Reg. $498)

It fits comfortably on your shoulder and it’s also super soft, flexible and durable.

  • The fur is calf fur and the color is a dark brown/black. There is one white spots on one side. 
  • One entire calf hide is used to make this bag. Calf hide is very tough and durable material, it can withstand rain and most types of dirt. Just wipe clean, brush it off or rinse.
  • The bag is 13 inches tall, 11 inches across the top, 20 inches along the bottom, and the curved bottom panel is 4 inches wide.
  • Both top edges are covered with a thin bronze/gold metal strip, giving the handbag a touch of elegance. This addition of this special hardware also gives the bag structure and helps keep it closed while on the shoulder.
  • The unique design of this shoulder-bag enables the top to open wide, with a generous 6 ½-inch by 11-inch opening, making it very easy to get in and out. There is no magnet, snap or zipper close.
  • Two leather shoulder straps are made with white fur (with a few brown spots) and black leather on the bottom. The straps are 1 ¼ inches wide.
  • There is a 9 in inch drop from the top of the strap to the top edge of the bag.
  • The interior is the natural suede backing of the cowhide. It is sleek and soft.
  • There are two leather pockets inside, both are large enough to hold a smart phone. One pocket has a zipper close.
  • The inside is large enough to accommodate most laptops.
  • A custom-made tassel and/or bead decoration hangs from one strap.

This is a very special bag! Because an entire calf hide is used, and there is very little waste, it is part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Some of the photos featured in this page include other bags I have made with this same shape and style.

The bag pictured in the first photo is the one for sale in this listing.


All 'mariejay' goods are handmade. I’m a second-generation purse maker and I am proud to say that every 'mariejay' leather and cotton handbag is made one at a time in my studio in Houston, Texas. 

My studio is smoke-free. 


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Sleek Black Fur, Super Chic Shape

  • Brand: MarieJay
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  • $349.00

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